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Friday, December 02, 2005


2006-2007 Projected Roster:

Seniors: Grant Billmeier (C), Jamar Nutter (G), Mani Messy (F), Stan Gaines (F), Carl Marshall (G)
Juniors: Brian Laing (G/F), Marcus Cousin (BF/C), Mike Pilgrim (F)
Sophomores: John Garcia (BF/C), David Palmer (BF), Paul Gause (G)
Freshmen: Malcolm Grant (PG)
2007 Commitments: Quincy Owens (PF), Orlando Allen (C)

The uncertain coaching situation at Seton Hall has definitely not helped matters at all with recruiting and a recent loss to Richmond has only made the whispers on Louie Orr's future at SHU much louder. They picked up a very good commitment in the fall from NYC PG Malcolm Grant. Grant is well aware of the questions surrounding Orr and signed scholarship papers with SHU, not a LOI. Scholarship papers bind the school to Grant, but, unlike a LOI, Grant is not bound to SHU. With Grant, the Pirates have one more scholarship open and desperately need a good-sized wing with a knack for scoring, in fact, they desperately need some scoring.

They are actually off to a solid start in 2007 with Owens and Allen, but we will see if either ends up sticking with SHU, because a change looks inevitable.


At 12:59 AM, Blogger BrickPolitics said...

Fire Louie Orr! It is that simple. I am willing to let the recruiting chips fall where they may. We are at the bottom of the heap right now anyway. This is year 5 for Louie and the first where the team is entirely made up of his recruits. The results have not been good. They should have given that coach of the year trophy to Andre Barrett. The New York Post has an article that claimed P.J. is coming back. Let us hope it is true. At this point anything is an improvement


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