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Monday, August 04, 2008

News and Notes: Keon Lawrence, MoMo Jones, Mike Glover

Seton Hall will apparently be filing a waiver (if they haven't already) to see if they can get Newark native and Missouri transfer Keon Lawrence eligible for this season. Sources close to the situation feel it will happen.

Seems like both Keon and the Hall have legitimate reasons to feel this way. For one thing, both his mother and his grandfather are in poor health. What's more, it's not like he transferred to SHU for more playing time - he led Missouri last year in both minutes played and shot attempts.

For those two reasons, this may very well be a slam dunk.

The Pirates are hoping that getting Lawrence eligible for this season will help them in their pursuit of Lamont "MoMo" Jones, who will play his final year of high school basketball at St. Anthony's. If Lawrence plays this year, he will have just one year left after this one. Factor in that Paul Gause will be gone after this year, and the Pirates are hoping that Jones will see that the backcourt won't be overly crowded, and that the opportunity to play immediately will be there.

Some feel however, that the Pirates may not be quite as in with MoMo as they'd like to be (or would like others to think they are). However, if they succeed in getting Lawrence eligible for this year, with Jordan Theodore making his debut this season and Jeremy Hazell back for just year two -aside from the fact that MoMo is a St Ant's kid now -there may not be much reason for despondency should he eventually head elsewhere.

Meanwhile, the Pirates are still working on getting Mike Glover eligible, and are now trying a different tactic. All parties concerned are now taking their case directly to the Big East (although other approaches have not been abandoned). The feeling is that since Glover sat out last year while a student at SHU (in effect a year in residency), perhaps the league might change its rule and allow him to play as a partial qualifier.

Most other leagues would. Stay tuned, as a decision could come as early as next week.


At 12:43 PM, Blogger Mark Ferguson said...

For the uninformed, would someone explain exactly why the NCAA has delcared Michael Glover ineligible? All the stories that I have seen stop short of explaining what is at the heart of the issue here.


a big MG fan!


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