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Thursday, August 07, 2008

2nd Blog Entry (I can't even think of what to call this one)

Talk about an auspicious debut! Looks like my initial entry on this blog has generated quite a bit of discussion, as you can see HERE. Four pages, and as some on the thread have noted, most of it is actually about basketball!

The thread just shows how passionate and knowledgeable Pirate fans are about their basketball.

As has now been noted now, though, Momo Jones will not be enrolling at St Anthony's. Perhaps the biggest blow this might be to the Pirates (if it even qualifies as such) is simply because he would've been a St Anthony's kid, and thus might 've helped Gonzo with Dom Cheek and the other assorted and various D-1 prospects that regularly populate the Friars roster.

Still, even if the Pirates don't land Jones, the view from here is that with Keon Lawrence possibly being eligible this year (and we'll proceed under that assumption, even though nothing is definite yet), the Pirate backcourt is absolutely loaded.

Keon Lawrence could very well turn out to be one of the most significant and eventful transfers ever for the Hall. A true stud and a perfect fit for Bobby Gonzalez's system, he seems more than able to give a truly big-time talent like Jeremy Hazell a real run for his money (and then some) for a starting position. Add in terrific freshman Jordan Theodore and the return of a healthy Paul Gause, and that should be more than enough to keep the somewhat enigmatic but undeniably gifted Eugene Harvey from wearing down like he did toward the end of last year.

Harvey. Gause. Theodore. Hazell. Keon Lawrence. That's a backcourt potentially as good as any team's in America.

If Bobby doesn't get too hung up on playing former A-10 ROY Stix Mitchell at the 4 (and Stix didn't acquire his nickname because he's a percussionist), and can put some faith in Mike Davis (and even Brandon Walters), the Pirates could be a surprising force this year.

But that last paragraph is a topic for another entry.


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